Case Study - Poker Connectors

4 Steps to more customers


With billions of page links listed on Google alone, without guiding customers straight to your website, you really are a needle in a haystack.

Netapproach has the ability to bring your website to the surface, making your site more visible.

We have two goals:

1 Drive as many "right" people to you as possible.

2 Persuade a maximum number of visitors to "buy".


How do we do it?

Customers use three types of search tools to find websites on the Internet.

Search engines, "telephone book" sites and specialist directories e.g. dedicated to a sector.

We use tried and tested online marketing expertise to win great search engine ranking.

We are also information professionals, with a proven track record in the online search sector. We can predict how your customers think and behave, helping you select the right keywords for your market place.

Search engine ranking + directory inclusion =


              93% of search engine users don’t go beyond the 2nd page of links displayed.