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Who says we're the best?


We believe the best judges of quality are our customers, who expect the highest standards. A sample of customer comments is listed below. We have many more...

Panks Pumps has 160 years experience working with water. When Managing Director Chris Pank decided to take the business online, he turned to Netapproach.

"Netapproach was committed to making our business a success from the start. The website increased visitor numbers and our business continues to grow."

Glam Slam is a leading entertainment agency based in London. Their past clients include Virgin, The Times and the BBC.

"Search engine ranking is a critical part of our sales and marketing. Netapproach helped develop our keywords and continue to drive our marketing."

DF Dane is an internationally renowned artist of fine oil paintings. His paintings of the Norfolk Broads are in demand around the World.

"Working with Netapproach exceeded all my expectations. Their guidance helped generate online sales of paintings, something I never expected."


Over the years, numerous independent assessments have recognised the high levels of expertise and experience at Netapproach. Examples follow...

SFEDI: Accredited Business Adviser - 2001

This independent body assesses business knowledge held by advisers. The Government insist all advisers on publically funded projects have passed a SFEDI assessment and recognise it as a sign of quality.

Other areas covered include interaction with clients and keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Technology Means Business: Accredited 01 - 03

This independent body deliver the industry standard accreditation for those providing integrated business and information and communications technology (ICT) advice to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

Completion of the accreditation confirms an adviser has the right approach and the proven ability to offer a credible service.

PGC in Business Administration - Awarded 2005

Post Graduate level recognition of knowledge of all aspects of business development and growth.

Awarded by the UEA, the course develops to an advanced level the analytical tools needed to make sound business decisions.

It focuses on the management of organisations and many of the other key business disciplines.

              11 hours is the average time spent online each week by UK residents.